Don’t fear the journey. Play the game!

Conquer the fear that’s holding you back from the life you deserve!

Stop letting fear sabotage your boldest dreams. Download the free guide to discover the Five Fatal Fears causing you to procrastinate instead of living and leading audaciously! 


5 Fatal fears holding you back from pushing past your limits! 

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This eBook is for you if…

  • You are a driven, ambitious woman, but for every accolade or achievement, there’s at least one place where you feel you are falling short.
  • You often procrastinate on doing the things you know you need to be doing in order to make your dreams a reality.
  • You’re often feeling burnt-out and frustrated because you’re working super hard but feel like you have nothing to show for it.
  • You have imposter syndrome and irrational fear of failing.
  • You feel stuck in a rut, but KNOW you are capable of so much more!

Sound familiar? 

Now just imagine…

  • Being able to identify the fears that are holding you back from pushing past your limits and living the life you want and deserve.
  • Being able to take action on the things that will move you towards your dream life without fear holding you back.
  • No longer lowering your standards and settling for less than your worth
  • No longer feeling like you need to over-produce to demonstrate your worth!

It all starts with overcoming the five fatal fears holding you back from pushing past your limits and fully immersing yourself in this game called LIFE!

Hey, I’m Tracey!

As an accomplished author, trainer, speaker, and certified Self-Mastery Coach. I have taught tens of thousands of ambitious women to overcome their fears in order to achieve the life they truly want.
I want to do the same for you! 
I am effective for three reasons: 

1I’ve been where you are, 

2I don’t just teach theory; I practice what I teach – every day, and 

3My whole-person approach focuses on addressing the underlying issue (not just the symptoms) which leads to positive and lasting changes.

You get one shot at the game of life, so why not play to win?
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